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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

To make it Stand, 
You Wet it !
To make it Wet,
You Suck it !
To make it Stiff,
You Lick it !
To Get It In,
You Push it! 

Get your mind out of the gutter! 

Threading a Needle is a Bitch when you get old.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh no, I didn't!

Oh yes!
I did!

I've already started getting beads together for the next blog hop.
Found this AWESOME focal and accent beads today.
Just had to share that! haha

Info about the next -> Bead Soup Blog Party <-

Also, received my give-away from earrings from Lori Anderson!
Just lovely! :) Thank you!
Picture stolen from Lori's blog.
The funky spacers are made by Manuela Wutschke.

BTW, I may be going thru BSBP blogs til the next party. LoL
My PC is really slow and I've been working quite a bit, but I'm still hopping!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Call of the Wild

Do your beads call/speak to you?

Call of the Wild Beads

I've seen several blog posts in the Bead Soup Blog Party where beaders said they're beads speak/call to them, and for some rather, they didn't. I guess I found that kind of ironic because a few weeks ago my boyfriend asked me "How do you decide what to make?" And I didn't even have to think about it, my response was immediate. "I don't... the beads decide." I guess the reason I find it ironic, is I sometimes feel so inexperienced and that I'm the only one that feels or does something a certain way.
Participating in the BSBP has definitely been a boost to my confidence and ego. I'm still slowly slogging thru the list of blogs (link above). My reveal is here. I might be looking at blogs til the next BSBP, but I'm getting there. I'm already window shopping for the next bead soup I will send. I excited and can't wait!

When is the next BSBP and how do I join? you ask.
Just click the banner below.

If I have time this weekend I will be doing a do-over on my stretchy 3-strand bracelet and having a give-away on it. The pattern was off, though I hid that in my photo, but I decided to put it on a few days ago, and because of the stretch cord, I had gaps in between the beads, so I will redo it and add some more beads to make it a bit longer. After that I will make a pair of earrings if I have enough beads left over. Be on the look out for the give-away post!