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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beaded Bookmark

So, earlier today I was trying to decide what kind of project I wanted to bead. It's almost August, no holidays, so what to do. Here in Tennessee, a lot of the counties go back to school in late August, so what goes with that? Hmmm... I decided to do a bookmark.

Off to Google to search for ideas. Found a Simple Beaded Bookmark for inspiration. Also, wanted to make/use my own beaded beads for this. Ok, no biggie... I know how to make Peyote stitch beaded beads. Well, not a big fan of making these beads. (thinking cap on!) Eureka! I have a PDF file from Beading Daily for beaded beads and I wanted to try one of those. (Download the file How to Make Beads) I used the beads from the Party Girl Necklace. They are really easy to do. 

So, after it's all beaded and finished, time for a pic, right? Ha! Last weekend at my niece's wedding, my camera batteries died. Well, almost. They were so weak, the pictures were turning out dark. A couple days ago I bought new batteries and just put them tonight. Aargh! Dead! No juice! NONE! I won't mention here the things I was thinking. 

Back to the almost dead batteries. Got one pic, but it's kinda blurry, before it shut down. Will be going back to the store tomorrow for NEW batteries. Now, anybody seen the receipt?

These beaded beads are just gorgeous! This bookmark fits a standard size paperback.

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