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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Shirley, from Beads and Bread, posted some pics of her "neighbors." So I thought I'd post a couple myself. Thanks for the idea Shirley! A woodpecker and some cardinals. We have so many neighbors, but all are camera shy! lol

These were taken Christmas Day, 2010 (just last year). It was my niece's husband's first White Christmas. Granted, it was really only a light dusting, but white none-the-less. Rodrigo is from Chile, and in Chile it is summertime when Christmas rolls around. So we were all thrilled for him.

This is Tinkerbell, my former roommate's cat, but I just called her "Kee-cat" (like I was saying kitty, but leaving out the T sound). I often had to shut her out of my room, because as you can see, she likes beads (almost as much as I do.) I got tired of not only chasing her for a tube of beads, but she would more often than not be much more sneaky about the bead-jackings than this, and thus ensued a game of hide-n-seek. I was so surprised I caught her in the act AND had my camera at hand.  When I wasn't beading, I would allow her in my room. She was a very affectionate and loving kitty. She was also my snuggle buddy at nap time.


  1. Oh, I love it-beadjacking! Too funny! So, the thoughts of a "white Christmas" give us warm fuzzies, but I bet it was strange to him!

  2. It was strange to him, but at the same time, every new experience he has, he has this child-like wonderment to him. I guess with as much culture shock as he's gone thru since he's been in the U.S., that's probably the only way to look at things. :) He's a wonderful, sweet guy and I'm glad that my niece found such a great person to spend the rest of her life with.