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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ORANGE you glad summer is almost over?

Finally... summer is almost over! My favorite season is fall, and it's almost here. In East Tennessee, that means 2 things UT Vols football and beautiful fall foliage. Orange, is not necessarily my favorite color, but in East Tennessee, it's a way of life. The beautiful reds, oranges, golds, and browns of fall are soothing, not to mention the cooler temps that go with it. 

One of my favorite pictures of my younger years was taken in fall. I must be about 4 years old in this picture. Ah! The good ol' days!

This is Sneakers (she loved shoes as a pup), a rescue of sorts I got as a pup in the Spring of '98. This picture was taken in the fall of 2000. Shortly after, I had to give her up. Between the ugly divorce, and getting back on my feet living with my parents, I couldn't keep her. She did go to a wonderful home. A friend of a friend of my Dad's. The lady had 3 grandkids that Sneakers just adored. Over the years I've asked about her, and she was always happy. Last I knew was about 3 years ago she had arthritis pretty bad, as is common with Labs. I suppose she's probably passed on by now, more than likely. Have not heard one way or another, just a feeling I have. At least I know that thru the years she's had a loving happy place to be.

I sort of digress with this, I posted the pic for 2 reasons.... the pic was taken in fall, and Sneaks is sporting her UT Vols 'dana. GO BIG ORANGE!

Now on to my "creation." I've started to play with some beading software. My intention for this design was to do a pattern that covered the entire bracelet in a pattern similar to that of a tortoise shell. That's not exactly what happened, but it falls in with Amy's color scheme somewhat. I'm still learning many things, the software, designing in general, color combinations. 
To make an aproximately 6 inch bracelet, you need to repeat the "diamond" shape 6 times. Here is the bead color/count from the pattern. These colors refer to Delica beads. The bead counts refer to the entire 6 inch bracelet, not just the half shown. I goofed when saving the pattern, that's why only half the design is shown.

If this pattern speaks to anyone, please feel free to use it. 
All I ask is e-mail or post a picture when done! Thanks!

Have a beadddddddddiful day!

Orange u glad I'm done?

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  1. That was a sweet look into the past and I do like your pattern. Nice blend of the palette!

  2. Allison - this is such a great creation!!! I love that pattern. The colors are perfect. And that pictures of you in the leaves with all the hints of orange is just gorgeous. Thanks so much for playing along!