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Monday, August 22, 2011

Star Worship (for lack of a better title)

This is an idea I've had for a while to do for myself and just curious to see if anyone else would want to join in the fun and make it a challenge/contest. It might be a month or two from now before I could start it, but I think it would be fun.

Ok, here's the idea. Find a picture of someone famous (movie star, music star, news personality, etc) wearing a piece of jewelry and make your version of that piece. When the challenge starts, you would post a pic of what you are trying to make. When the time limit is up you would post a pic of the original and what you have come up with. Below is a screen shot of Shania Twain in her "Man, I Feel Like a Woman" video. I want to make a similar choker.

With me so far?
Ok, I guess my questions for you are...
Would you be interested? Would you do it for fun? Would you do it for a prize? (contest - maybe put the pieces from all who enter on a site to vote on? a $25 gift certificate to online store of choice?) Suggestions...
How long for the challenge? From day 1 (posting the star pic) to....? a month? (to post the finished piece) suggestions...
Title for the Challenge?

Any other suggestions?

All feed back is welcome!


Ooops almost forgot the pic!


  1. I think this idea is cool! I need to think about the rest of your questions for just a little bit, because it IS such a neat idea; but promise to get back at you soon!!! <3

  2. Thanks Megan. Yes, this will take some thought, not something to be rushed on this. Just wanted to put it out there for those who might be interested, that way also they can start thinking about what they might want to make. Thanks again!

  3. Capitol idea my dear!!! I would love it! Count me in, a couple months from now is perfect!

  4. I picked up a beading book last year that included movie stars and their jewelry and then had directions for making similar pieces. It was very cool. Most of the stars were from years past, not current ones. The one piece I made was a Grace Kelly necklace. I will find my book and post the name for you to check out.

  5. I think this is a neat idea and would be something I would be interested in doing.

  6. Why just copy an existing piece? What about choosing an artist and have people design a piece of jewelry inspired by that artist? for instance Shania .... despite her country origins, when I think of her I see animal print lentils and stick pearls ... and turquoise... not necessarily all together, and yet for some reason that's what pops into my head for her. Madonna is black velvet and diamonds. It doesn't have to be about their image either, but about what their music and voice brings to mind for you :)