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Sunday, September 4, 2011

One simple truth

I know it's been a little over a week since I blogged. The move went as smoothly as to be expected. Started working and life is a little hectic, but I seem to thrive on chaos!

As I read some of the posts about some of the negative things going on with The Bead Soup Blog Party, I'm in total disbelief that some people could be this way. I don't know why it shocks me, but it does, with all the bad news these days of how people treat their fellow man. "They" (whoever they are) say one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. Not true here! The positive definitely out weighs the negative and mostly due to the hard work and effort of Lori Anderson - Pretty Things Blog.

I don't know how I came across the BSBP, but there I was. Staring at this page of bunches of gorgeous beads, and a chance to swap beads with some unknown person for a chance to challenge my meager talents AND to make some new friends. So, there, I did it... finally. I started this blog. This experience so far has been awesome! In the real world, I HAVE run into some (for lack of a better word) snobbish people in the beading world. I've only been beading just under 2 years, and mostly self-taught. After a rough start (took me 3 times just to get signed up for BSBP), I started looking at the blogs of some of the other beaders in the swap. At first, I felt inferior, and thought I had gotten in over my head. I was afraid the beads I sent weren't good enough, or I didn't send enough, or what I would make wouldn't be good enough. Inadequate... yes that's how I was feeling.

The more blogs I read, the more at ease I was. I learned there are beaders of all levels, even some beginners like me. The other thing I learned from reading all those blogs... even the most experienced beaders, was the fact that not even one single person was judgemental! All I could see is support, caring, and friendship. I am in AWE of each and every one of you! You've treated each other like people should treat each other! :)

I'm PROUD to be a part of this family!

I would like to share a definition with you:


Hinduism, Buddhism action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results,                good or bad, either in this life or in reincarnation

Now, to those "bad apples": 

Karma can be a bitch!


  1. Dear Allison,

    You just made my evening :)
    I just love your quote!!!
    You have no idea how many times the word 'kar-ma' crosses my mind, and I can assure you, for some it can be a bitch! You are soooo right.
    I'm proud to be part of the family as well, and enjoying every minute of it, and this all thanks to Lori.
    See you at the blog hop!

  2. Allison, I too was and still am a little intimidated. There are some very talented people in this family, but I keep creating because that is what I enjoy doing. So sister lets do what we do and enjoy our labors. I am so looking forward to the Blog party on the 17th and glad that I am a part of it.

  3. Wow, I could have written that myself about this BSBP! I love the Karma thing too.

  4. Allison,

    Fantastic post:) I agree and think it is a
    great group. I just started blogging last year and
    still learning:)

  5. Very true about Karma. Very true. And I'm touched by your post! I'm so glad you joined the party. It's for EVERYONE, from beginners to advanced. It's not a competition with anyone but YOURSELF.

  6. I've only been beading a couple years and am mostly self taught... and yeah I was rather intimidated by some of the people involved in this too. But I refused to back down and dived into the blog list, the yahoo group and the forum and the camaraderie and support through out has been amazing. Just what something like this SHOULD be full of :)

    Excellent post :D

    Karma rules .. and Lori will receive all of her good back.. and the negatives out there while get that back.

  7. What a great post! And all so true. I know how intimidated I was when I first started blogging and starting reading jewelry blogs but everyone has always been so warm and friendly.

    (heck I was even intimidated by Lori but don't tell her that)